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Welcome to CarFinance, your trusted car finance broker in Manchester. We understand that buying the car of your dreams isn't always feasible with an outright purchase. That's where we come in, ensuring that you have accessible car finance options that suit your budget and circumstances, with reasonable ongoing repayments. At CarFinance, we firmly believe that car ownership should be within reach for everyone.

Manchester Car finance calculator

Unsure what you can afford? Use our online Manchester car finance calculator to estimate your monthly repayments. Just input the vehicle price, deposit amount, loan term and interest rate to receive an estimate of your potential car finance payments in seconds.

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Loan amount£7,500
Length of Loan60 months
Monthly payment£0
Interest rate9.9% APR
Optional final payment£0
Amount of interest£0
Total payment£0

Why choose to finance a car in Manchester?

Rather than paying cash to purchase a vehicle, car finance allows you to spread the cost over 12 to 60 month terms. Making financing a car more affordable. Other benefits include:

  • Paying less upfront with smaller deposit requirements
  • Driving away in a nicer, newer car
  • Building credit by making timely payments
  • Upgrading rides more frequently with shorter term loans

Car finance gives Manchester drivers so much flexibility when it comes to finding the right car at the right payment.

Types of car finance available in Manchester

In Manchester, you have multiple car financing options tailored to your unique preferences. Two popular choices include HP (Hire Purchase) finance and PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) finance.

HP Finance (Hire Purchase)

Looking for a straightforward Manchester car finance option? Consider HP (Hire Purchase) finance. With fixed monthly payments over 12-60 months and a small upfront deposit, it offers predictability and affordability. Plus, it leads to full car ownership, helping to boost your credit. If you seek a flexible finance solution with eventual ownership, HP finance is perfect. Contact us to learn more and start your Manchester car finance journey by leaving a quote on our website today.

PCP Finance (Personal Contract Purchase)

For lower monthly payments and the freedom to drive newer or more luxurious cars, explore PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) finance in Manchester. With payments covering the car's depreciation, you can afford higher-end models. Additionally, PCP lets you decide to either return the vehicle or purchase it at a predetermined price. If this flexibility suits your car finance needs, get in touch with us to learn more. And don't forget to leave a quote on our website to kick-start your Manchester car finance experience.

No Deposit & Bad Credit Car Finance in Manchester

At CarFinance, we're your go-to solution for car finance in Manchester, even if you're facing a challenging credit situation. Our lending partners appreciate that life can throw financial curveballs, and they assess your current financial ability rather than dwelling on the past.

So, if you've got a poor credit score or have experienced financial difficulties, don't worry. You can still qualify for our bad credit car finance in Manchester. We're here to help you secure the car you need with one of our tailored bad credit finance deals.

Moreover, if you're low on savings but yearning for a new set of wheels, our no deposit car finance options in Manchester have you covered. We collaborate with lenders who can get you on the road with as little as £0 down. It's your chance to make that car upgrade more affordable. Let's find the perfect finance option for you, regardless of your savings or credit history.

Get no credit check car finance in Manchester

Want to avoid having your credit checked? Opt for one of our no credit check car finance deals in Manchester. While lenders may still perform a soft search, you can get finance without a hard credit inquiry that can impact your score. Perfect when you want to finance a car but protect your credit record.

Car dealerships you can find your next car in Manchester

  • CarShop Manchester

    Alexandria Drive Lord Sheldon Way, Manchester OL7 0QN

  • RRG

    173 Cross Lane, Salford, Manchester M5 4AP

  • Fow

    Barton Dock Rd, Urmston, Manchester M41 7TB

  • The Car Group

    Derby Way, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0NJ

What do I need to get car finance in Manchester?

To qualify for car finance in Manchester you’ll need:

  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of address
  • Bank statements
  • Payslips or proof of income
  • Small deposit (if required)

Bring these items along to your finance appointment and we can assist with the application. Even if you have credit challenges or are self-employed, we can find Manchester car finance to suit your situation.

Cars on finance is available to everyone in Manchester

In part time employment
Zero hours contracts
In receipt of benefit
Young drivers
Retired drivers
Provisional license holders
Carers allowance
Disability allowance
Ex bankrupt
Bad credit ratings
No credit history
Military/Armed forces

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