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How does private health insurance work?

Private health insurance is similar to other types of insurance. You pay a monthly or yearly fee called a premium.


Getting Referred

If you have a health issue, see your GP and let them know about your private cover. They may refer you to a specialist, and you might choose private hospitals or specialists not offered by the NHS.


Informing Your Insurer

Tell your insurer you want to make a claim. They'll check if your policy covers the treatment you need. If it does, your claim gets approved.


Cost Coverage

Your GP will book your appointment, and your insurance covers the cost if your policy is active. You might pay an excess depending on your policy.

Exploring health coverage options after turning 50? Over 50s health insurance provides quick access to private healthcare, shielding you from unexpected medical expenses. Skip NHS wait times and consider private medical care. Compare insurers and policies to secure the best health coverage at a reasonable price. Your health deserves reliable protection, especially as you navigate new conditions in your 50s. Finding good coverage from all of the various health insurance options for seniors over 50 on the market might take some time, which is why we provide you with quick online quotations from all the major UK insurance companies.

Do I need over 50s health insurance?

Deciding on Over 50s Health Insurance is a personal choice. While not mandatory, it offers valuable benefits if you seek private health services, desire flexibility in treatment locations, prioritize prompt care, aim to avoid NHS waiting lists, and can afford the monthly premiums. Evaluate your circumstances and needs to determine if this coverage aligns with your preferences.

Can retirees over 50 get health insurance?

Retirees over 50 can obtain private health insurance alongside NHS care in the UK. While costs may be a concern, it's a viable option for added coverage. Your access to NHS healthcare remains unchanged after retirement as long as you're a UK resident. Despite potential expenses, you can make policies more affordable with a few strategies. Contacting an expert health insurance consultant is advisable. With in-depth knowledge, they assist in choosing the most cost-effective coverage for retirees over 50. Ensure your health needs are met without breaking the bank by exploring available options with professional guidance.

Why is it important to get advice for over 50s health insurance?

If you're over 50 and exploring health insurance, consulting a health insurance expert is crucial. They help you prepare for long-term costs and guide you if your policy prices rise. Having someone review your health insurance annually ensures you're getting the best rate. We're here to provide essential advice, so reach out without hesitation. Planning for your health coverage is simpler with expert assistance tailored to your needs.

How does over 50s health insurance work?

Over 50s health insurance functions similarly to standard private health insurance, acting as a supplement rather than a replacement for NHS care. Notably, insurers often have no age limit for application, providing ample options for those over 50. These policies typically cover both inpatient and outpatient care. In the case of well-controlled chronic conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, certain policies may not exclude them. This means that, subject to specific cover levels and insurer conditions, the policy could be used for new, more serious acute conditions in the future, such as requiring stents or other cardiology needs. Explore your options for comprehensive health coverage tailored to your needs.

What should i look for in over 50s health insurance?

Private hospitals

Choose health insurance for over 50s with private hospitals. It gives more privacy, a calm atmosphere, and convenience, ensuring a comfortable healthcare experience. It's easily accessible from your location, saving you from traveling to a government hospital.

Level of cover

Choose the coverage level that fits your needs. Compare what each health insurance plan covers and doesn't cover. Affordable health insurance for over 50s offers three categories for you to choose from.

Types of underwriting

Health insurance providers should swiftly handle claims, share policy information, and connect you with health insurance experts. Additionally, they may offer extras like wellness incentives to support your overall well-being. Choose between moratorium underwriting or full medical underwriting for personalized coverage that suits your needs.

Additional options

Consider additional options to enhance your private health insurance coverage. Some providers include these as standard, while others may offer them at discounted prices, ensuring comprehensive care without straining your budget.

Depending on the chosen provider, additional options are:

  1. Dental care
  2. Eyecare
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Homoeopathy
  5. Mental health support

How much does health insurance cost for a 50-year-old?

The cost of health insurance for a 50-year-old varies based on factors like lifestyle and health. Smoking increases premiums due to higher risk, while reducing alcohol consumption may save you money. Sample ranges for basic, mid-range, and comprehensive plans offer an idea of potential costs.

Based on a typical comprehensive policy in January 2024.

Basic Health Insurance
Inpatient Cover
Mid range
Inpatient Cover
Mid range
Inpatient Cover

What does over 50s private medical insurance cover?

Customize your over 50s private medical insurance to suit your needs. Options to include or limit in your plan are:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient cover
  • Cancer cover, including advanced cancer drugs
  • Therapies
  • Dental and optical
  • Mental Health
  • Choice of hospitals
  • Private GP

Tailor your coverage for a plan that meets your specific health requirements and preferences.

What are the benefits of over 50s health insurance?

Reduced waiting times

Over 50s health insurance ensures minimal waiting times, allowing swift diagnosis and treatment compared to NHS waiting lists. With private coverage, you can access procedures and appointments more promptly, providing a faster path to the care you need. Say goodbye to extended waiting periods and experience quicker healthcare solutions tailored to your preferences. Choose Over 50s Health Insurance for timely and efficient medical attention.

The surgeon or hospital of your choice

With over 50s health insurance, you have the option to choose from a range of specialized surgeons and hospitals not available through the NHS. Additionally, you can schedule appointments at your convenience, providing flexibility and control over your healthcare decisions. Enjoy the privilege of selecting the professionals and facilities that best suit your individual health needs.


Opt for over 50s health insurance to enjoy more privacy. Get a private room instead of a shared one, providing added comfort and amenities. Some hospitals may allow unlimited visiting hours, ensuring you can see your relatives without worries. Experience personalized and private healthcare with this coverage.

Specialist referrals

It ensures easy access to specialist referrals and second opinions. If needed, your doctor can provide referrals to private experts or specialists for specialized therapy or a second opinion, offering you comprehensive and tailored healthcare options.

Specialist treatment

This coverage ensures quicker availability of therapies such as physiotherapy, specialized surgeries not covered by the NHS, and cutting-edge treatments or pharmaceuticals that may be included in your plan. Get the specialized care you need without delays.