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Struggling with bad credit or defaults? Moneyrepublic broker can help you secure car finance with a default. Specialist lenders consider all financial circumstances, increasing your approval chances. We offer:

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These services ensure you find a default car finance deal that fits your budget and improves your credit score. Our team guides you through the process, so there are no surprises. Understand your financial situation, enhance your creditworthiness, and manage monthly payments effectively. At Moneyrepublic, we focus on your unique needs to secure the best car finance package for you. Start your own car finance journey today, with confidence today.

What is a default?

A default happens when you miss a payment to a lender, and it gets recorded on your credit file. You can get multiple defaults from the same lender or different ones. Even a small amount owed, like a few pounds, can lead to a default. Defaults hurt your credit score because they show you didn’t pay on time, making future lenders hesitant. Usually, lenders issue defaults after at least three months of missed payments. Knowing about defaults can help you understand and manage your credit better. Managing your payments can improve your credit score and financial health.

Can you get car finance with a default?

Having defaults or missed payments on your credit history can make getting car finance challenging. However, it’s not impossible. Some lenders are willing to consider applicants with a default. The key is to explain the missed payments and show you’re working to fix the situation. Improving your credit score and showing financial responsibility can help your loan application.
Moneyrepublic works with lenders who understand different financial situations. We help you find car finance with a default that suit your needs, making the process easier and more accessible.

How does a default affect your ability to get car finance?

A default can significantly affect your credit score, making it more difficult to get car finance approved. Lenders view defaults as red flags, indicating a higher risk associated with lending to individuals with a history of missed payments or outstanding debt. This can lead to higher interest rate or outright denial of finance applications.

How long after a default can I apply for car finance?

Generally, you have a better chance of being approved for car finance if some time has passed since the default. Typically, a common timeframe is around 1 to 2 years for unpaid defaults, but this can vary depending on the lender's specific terms. An 'unsatisfied' default on your credit record indicates outstanding debt, which can make securing a loan more difficult. If you have reasons like long-term illness or job loss, contact a credit reference agency. They can add a note explaining why you missed payments, though they can't remove the default.
If you can pay off the remaining debt, your car finance default status will change to 'satisfied', making lenders more likely to consider your application. Each car finance application is unique, and lenders will review all aspects of your personal circumstances and financial stability before making a decision.
Don’t let a default stop you from applying for car finance. Moneyrepublic works with lenders who may still be able to help you find a suitable deal. Start your car finance journey with us today.

Can I remove a default from my credit history?

The possibility of removing a default from your credit history exists, particularly in cases where the default was inaccurately recorded. Mistakes can occur, and when they do, it's essential to address them promptly. By engaging with credit reference agencies and providing evidence that the default was an error, you can have it expunged from your record, thereby alleviating its negative effects on your credit score. This correction process is not instantaneous and requires diligent follow-up, but the potential recovery in your credit standing is worth the effort. It's also beneficial to be proactive by regularly reviewing your credit history report for any inaccuracies, ensuring your financial profile is accurately represented.

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  • Will I get car finance with defaults?
    While defaults can make it more challenging to secure car finance, it's not impossible. Approaching the right lenders and demonstrating improved financial responsibility can increase your chances.
  • What happens if you can't pay your car finance?
    Failing to pay your car finance can lead to further defaults, negatively impacting your credit score and future attempts to secure loans. It's essential to communicate with your lender immediately to discuss potential solutions.
  • Can I get finance if I have a default?
    Yes, some lenders offer finance packages to individuals with financial history and defaults. However, terms may be stricter, and interest rates higher.
  • What does default mean on a car loan?
    A default on a car loan indicates that payments have not been made as per the agreed terms of the finance agreement, leading to a negative entry on your credit file.
  • Should you pay off defaults?
    Paying off defaults can improve your credit score and your chances of securing a car finance in the future. It demonstrates financial responsibility to future lenders.